brock was wearing a pair cowboy boots and a bit of a hangover when he accidentally stumbled across the path of yoga. he was out there fumbling around in the dark, trying to find himself, when the light of yoga clicked on and pointed him in the right direction. through the physical nature of the practice, and his intense dedication to it, brock has been able to enliven the body and clarify the mind, preparing him for a momentous trek on the winding road leading to the self and the soul. it is a road he loves to share... wanna go for a walk?

...or how 'bout we fly instead?

brock has spent the majority of his life as a professional musician. he began studying the violin at a very early age. his earliest years were steeped in technique and ear development. several years later, when brock was about 10, he told his mother that playing the violin wasn't "cool" anymore. she told him that as long as he continued to play the violin, he could play anything else he wanted. (awesome!) his father told him to learn the rules, so he could learn how to break them properly. of course, first thing he did was ask for an electric guitar and some led zeppelin records. he hasn't stopped rockin' ever since. he did, however, continue to practice his violin, and after years and decades of playing in symphony orchestras, he cherishes it as the greatest gift that his mother ever could have given him.

as you might have guessed, it did not take long before the classical and the rock n' roll began to cross pollinate. brock started toting his guitar to orchestra rehearsal, and began to explore the boundaries by instigating such outlandish projects as music for string quartet and stratocaster, or by producing and arranging string parts on numerous rock n' roll and popular records. no matter the flavor, brock's music became his meditation. it became his way to wade into the pool of his soul. to explore the depths and let his spirit sing. to let his mind be quiet and find peace. surely, there must be other avenues to explore in this same vein?

his path into yoga is very similar. he began his training at yogaworks, in santa monica, where the style is heavily based in the classical ashtanga and iyengar methods. he was lucky enough to have been mentored by some of the finest teachers on the planet including; annie carpenter, chuck miller & maty ezraty, vinnie marino, and seane corn. these fine people taught brock the roots of yoga, how the roots of the asanas directly correspond to gravity, and how the body interacts with earth. it was from here that he developed the strength and the confidence to take flight. brock continually tells his students, "gravity is strong. you are stronger." practice with him for awhile and you most certainly will be. as soon as YOU believe it... anything is possible. gravity is, of course, a law: a rule. after we have learned the rule, we can break it, we can bend it, we can ride on it.
gravity cowboys, mount up!

everyday with this practice we get stronger. everyday we use our strength to create balance. everyday ...that is a beautiful thing. namaste.