ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking...
we'd like to thank you for joining 
us as we fly the friendly skies.  en route this evening we will be crossing over many points of interest, including the grand handstand, oceans of navasana, mountainous arm balancing postures, and rivers of vinyasa.  once we have reached our cruising altitude of 5-6 feet, we will gladly turn off the seatbelt indicator, and let you move freely through your practice.  i'd like to thank you for joining us, and hope that in the future when your need arises for air travel, you will 
remember your friends at flightclub.

^available at yogaworks
+sunday at  yoga salt 

altitude effects attitude.  rise&rock!  a great way to start your day.
a blast of fresh air, elevated vibe and upward lift in a strong weekend mornin kickstarter.
are you down with upward?    

a level elevator, and a yogi mala lab tailor-made to be a high-octane super-cumbustable supplement to your dailyyoga practice.  1:08 of blockasana, (Flyengar style, with creative usage of props) salutationvariation, coreandfloor (including deepblue hip exploration). and savasana.  all the stuff that we neverreally get enough time to dissect in flow practice, but truly need!  join the navasananavy!   and cultivate upward alignment.

the level elevator; get on wherever you are, and get off wherever you choose.